Dream #9: Knock Knock, Who's There? Raw Meat

Dear Billy, 

In my dream, it started off a good atmosphere, with friends I know and places I have been before that are close to where I live. It started off as a school trip at a dessert place (I finished school last year). My whole class and teacher were there, except for one unfamiliar boy. He whispered something to my guy best friend. I got offended and decided to do something to get him in trouble so, without being seen, I went over and knocked down all this paper stuff hanging off a rack. I told everyone he did it. We were sitting away from each other when something crazy happened: he turned into a demon-looking thing and gave me a cheeky smile. I told the teacher, “He’s crazy, something just happened to him and he changed.” The teacher said, “It’ll be okay.” 

Then we all went outside and the atmosphere changed. The demon was chasing me around with a knife. People said the only way to stop him was to kill him before he killed me. So I chased him, and he changed into a different person while running. I stabbed him in the leg, arm, back, stomach, and right in the head. I thought he’d died. I went home to my Nan’s house—my real life Nan and her actual house. We thought the thing was dead until we heard a door slam and someone running up all fifteen flights of stairs. I locked the door but by the time I did, the thing was there, looking scary, skin grey, short hair, holes in its face, blood everywhere. The image was terrifying. It kept knocking and waving. My whole family was in the house and we were all looking for ways to get out but it wasn’t possible as my Nan lives so high up. The demonic thing wouldn’t leave me alone and stayed at that door, knocking until I woke up.


Billy says: The class trip scenario and presence of your teacher are both good signs you are moving toward your highest ideals and will make wise decisions about your current situation. You are being pursued by someone who believes they need you by their side—permanently. The fact you attempted to challenge the demon is also a good sign: you are relentless in pursuit of your goals and willing to protect yourself and those you love. The presence of your friend concerns Billy, as the terrifying demon’s face at the door symbolizes worry, sorrow, or vexation. A person pursuing you wants to suck you into a relationship that may not be in the best interest of you or your family. Rid yourself of anything in your life that could lead to self-inflicted harm or that leaves you open to others’ cruelty. You are perched on high with clear sight about the situation in question. No matter how hard that demon knocks, hold fast the door.

Dear Billy,

I elope with a version of my brother-in-law. We meet at a Pride Parade. Look, I say, pointing out my real brother-in-law in the crowd. He turns around and storms over. My beloved and I flee. We have one rickety bicycle between the two of us. We wind up sharing a twin bed in a dorm room with a lesbian couple. They regale each other with tales of sexual conquests. My beloved points to a painting ten feet tall on the wall. Almost finished, he says. The painting is mine. It is a portrait of a young girl with a purple face. She is holding up a raw T-Bone steak. Her face and the steak are the same color. Not bad, I say. 

We wake up and I have started my period. This is the third time I have started my period this month, I tell my beloved. I go into the bathroom and steal a tampon from the lesbian couple. One of them bangs on the door. My beloved and I get on our bicycle and pedal down a dirt road that is also a freeway. My beloved morphs into my sister. My wheel gets stuck in a rut and I fall down the side of the road into a forested ditch. My sister comes after me. My leg is stuck in a tree stump. A man driving a tractor trailer pulls over to help. My sister wrenches my leg free. At the bottom of the ravine is a pond, and the three of us can see the silhouettes of people dancing. The man runs toward it, and my sister and I follow. The pond is full of children. Some are submerged in the water, but we can see their pale faces clearly. A little girl crawls out of the pond and latches her sharp teeth into my leg. I scream. My sister pulls me away. 


Billy says: There are dreams and then there are explosions of luck. While this dream may have been confusing or upsetting to you, Billy sees only an overwhelm of good news coming. 

The appearance of a brother-in-law warns you to stay calm in the upcoming fireworks. A bicycle tells us that your road to success with escalate rapidly, and a dorm indicates that within five days (!) great changes are going to occur in your life. Be prepared for the luck that is coming. Paintings tell us to promote any positive event and to showcase our skills; purple is a color that signifies great inner strength and healthy metamorphosis. That your painting is a portrait of steak tells us you want celebrate that you are alive by enjoying the simple pleasures of life—you don’t need to blow all your money to have fun! 

And money is coming, indeed—getting your period indicates you will soon have enough money to buy something quite expensive. That your sister appears and saves you from harm reminds you to confide in her about all the change in your life; let her support you and share your happiness. Ponds signify that you will soon be asked to take a leadership position, and the pile of children suggest that people will be eager to grant you favors. One of these children bites you, though—Billy warns you to take care. Do not let anyone steal your joy during this overwhelm of good fortune. 

Hold your sister’s hand, and let her love move through you. You are going to be more than okay. Enjoy the bright lights. The future is juicy, and purple, and full of new good things. 

Dear Billy,

Where it began I could not tell you, but this was no dream; this was a scheme. I don’t know. I felt a presence of some sort of pure evil. I can’t explain it any other way.In this dream, I can’t think of what I did “wrong” per se to these beings, which resembled humans. Suddenly I was being smashed in the head and I could feel it without pain, the feeling of being mutilated in the back of my head/brain. Afterward, throughout rest of the dream, I have some sort of bandage-turban around my head keeping the pieces together, but I know I am dying. I am being mocked, laughed at, pointed at. It feels like I’m waiting to die. I can feel my body rotting and literally falling apart.

The environment was rancid: raw pigs feet covered in what looked to be human feces, feces all over the walls, mutilated animal and human parts. Laughter in the background. Some sort of powerful being, itself mutilated and wearing these mutilated body parts until it resembled a massive octopus.My mother was also in the dream. She could see my mutilated body but said nothing except “I only have ten minutes or so.” What?! My mother, my life, my light—my world, aside from God—is watching and allowing this?I’ve been awake for five hours, not terrified, but just feeling something was not right about that dream. 

 —Mother, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Billy says: You have done nothing wrong except neglect your true path. Unfortunately, your mind experiences this neglect as a pure evil, as something truly vile smeared on the walls. Mothers appearing in dreams point to a need to shift your behavior. Your old self is falling apart and you are trying desperately to hold yourself together. If it’s any consolation, this is happening for everyone else around you, too. Resisting necessary change for too long can turn into self-mutilation, self-harm. Perhaps you believe there is power in this resistance, but your dream suggests otherwise. Your mother is not herself; she is you, refusing to make time and space to heal your life. This is no time to say “I only have ten minutes to devote to myself.” This change will require more than ten minutes. Remember to be a mother to yourself; give yourself real love, true care, and feeding. Nourish yourself on more than whatever rot is lying around. You deserve so much more than self-betrayal and mutilated remainders of time. Once you learn how to feed yourself, the morning will look so much brighter. 

Dream #8: Window Exorcism & Tricycle Getaway

Dear Billy,

In this dream I was participating in the exorcism ritual of a young woman who in the dream was supposed to be my friend (or possibly even lover, it was not very clear). There were several people in the room. We had to pin her down to the floor near an open window, and then the exorcist’s assistants took her through an open window and passed her to people who were waiting at the window a floor below us. We were in a high rise, high above the ground, so this procedure was incredibly dangerous, but the exorcist and his helpers insisted it was necessary so that the devil would not chase her.  


Billy replies: To travel through a window indicates secretive activity—a creating of one’s own opportunities. To do this is always risky, and to do it at a height is even more so. A friend appearing in a dream means that whatever happens in the dream is an omen of reality to come. An escape from your troubles through creative means is possible. 
To see a person you don’t recognize being exorcised is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Billy recommends buying yourself a present and staying away from people whose behavior you abhor. To see helpers means that you must resolve your issues with an authority figure, and move on with your life. To dream of the devil’s presence is a warning to change your path—any bad outcomes you see in the dream will come to pass if you do not take steps to prevent them. To see wrestling is a similar warning—you have to grapple with yourself to stop what you fear from taking place. Billy sees the signs converging to one singular message: though the heights are great, the risks of staying put are greater. It is your turn to go out the window now. 

Dear Billy,

In this dream I am with somebody who is a friend, but it is nobody I know in real life. It starts with us just having killed a person accidentally (the dream started after the accident, so I don’t know what we did exactly) and we are thinking about the ways to cover it up. We decide to go somewhere else for cover, so we go down a very steep hill on a low children’s tricycle. The ride feels both dangerous and exhilarating. Then, we are in the kitchen making food (normal food, although we are still searching for ways to cover up the murder). It is not our kitchen, and we are trying to finish cooking before the owners come home. They appear too early, before we are done. I start packing food and throw a huge batch of mashed potatoes into a trashcan. The mash is too liquidy and gloopy, so I don’t feel sad about wasting food. Then we start talking with my accomplice friend about whether we should kill these people because they are witnesses, but decide not to kill them. After that I woke up with my heart beating like crazy.  


Billy replies: To dream of killing means that you will soon have an appointed position that gives you money and power. To dream of an accident indicates that you will soon have many admirers. That you cannot remember how this unintentional murder took place indicates that you have no idea how such positive events might come to pass. Billy says that to dream of running away and not getting caught shows us that what once seemed impossible is now possible. To go downhill means that you may soon have to deal with a terrible person who will try to twist your words and manipulate you, but afterward you will enter into a very lucky time. Tricycles are also an omen of good luck and opportunities for income. To dream of a kitchen indicates that you will soon be thanked for helping someone in their time of need; to dream of cooking means you will be congratulated on a victory in the near future. To dream of something mashed indicates that legal proceedings will work out in your favor, and potatoes encourage you to consider different ways of promoting yourself. Trashcans are images of people who play games with our hearts that we should discard and move on from. Billy says that trashcans are reminders to stay true to our real emotional desires. To be discovered—as you and your friend may soon be in this dream—indicates that someone in power will do something for your benefit very soon. Though this dream may have scared you, Billy sees much cause for joy. While you have to deal with some unkind human beings in this life, all is not lost. Trust that exhilarating, dangerous feeling you had on the tricycle. Good things are waiting for you, just at the bottom of this hill. 

Dream #7: Sweet Mortician and Silver Tree

Dear Billy,

Dreamed that I was with my mother and a sweet female preacher who was also a mortician. My grandmother had died and the preacher lady was going to embalm her. But they wanted me to lie down in the table as a kind of practice. I said sure — I thought it was more about breaking in table, practicing marking where the cuts and injections would go. But it was worse than that. They gave me something that made me numb, and then they rummaged around at my crotch until they found my femoral artery to open up and tie off. Then they injected me with formalin, the embalming fluid. I felt heavy all over, like I was going to die. They told me that was normal — that I would be fine. Then they punctured me in the abdomen with a metal rod (like they do to let the decomposition gases out). I got angry. I was slurred and slow, but I still got up. I told them this wasn’t what I signed up for, and that I needed to be totally unconscious to do this. The lady preacher pulled a bottle of American honey whiskey from the fridge. I drank several large swigs, but I still wouldn’t go down. I got up off the table and railed at them — this is not okay! How could they do this to me! I was so angry. I walked off and paced around even though I was drunk and my legs were numb. 

— Dead Drunk

Billy replies:  Billy notes a feeling of partial numbness throughout this dream, which is often linked to feelings of fear in your waking life.  What fears are holding you back? The person conducting this operation, the mortician, is likely an unworthy or envious friend — this preacher, however sweet, does not have your best interests at heart. Your drunkenness speaks to feelings of discontentment with your current situation, and your anger points to dangerous enemies or treacherous friends. Billy is impressed at your knowledge of the mechanics of embalming and death; this is a very accurate dream. You were once willing to go through suffering — unto the experience of living death — if it would help those you love. You have been misled about the pain involved in this transformation. You are right to feel angry and betrayed, but take care now, as the numbness wears off: both whiskey and embalming fluid point to trouble or death. Find something else to drink. Billy knows you can.

Dear Billy,

Dreamed I was with my parents on a long lonely road. We came upon a beautiful old house with peeling paint, and a beautiful old oak tree. There was nothing around but rolling hills and grass. There was an advertisement sign that said, “I am being torn down, but apartments are coming!” The bulldozers showed up just as I was taking beautiful pictures to remember it. I cried. My dad started writing a check to try to save it, but I knew he couldn’t. I climbed through the branches of the silvery oak tree that had been torn down and splintered, trying to choose a small one to keep, to remember it by.

— Homeless


Billy replies: Roads stand in for prosperity and success; a new home is around the corner, and you will live in it for a good, long time. The age of the tree and the house are both good luck omens, and the long road and rolling hills and grasses are also good signs, pointing toward future tranquility. You are in a moment of restructuring your life; your previous "home," while beautiful, is too old to continue to sustain you. You clearly feel misgivings about this change, though; you fear that the apartments to come will be smaller, without the charms of this place, this tree. It is no small loss.  Billy thinks that your impulse is a good one: take pictures, and find a small, lovely piece of this old life you can keep in your pocket. Beware, though, as silver is the color of trouble and disappointment. If, in carrying this branch, you find that its presence harms you, set it gently down on the side of the road.

Dream #6: Fake Aliens, Real Knives

Dear Billy,

Dreamt I was part of a family. I was a blonde girl (in waking life, I’m not blonde) with a blonde brother. A big group of people we didn't know came to our house, brought a new table, a servant, food, so our sick mother wouldn't have to cook. Lobsters, fancy things. But something wasn't right. We didn't know these people. I kept yelling, asking them, “Why are you doing this? Who are you really?” One of them was playing Father; my brother and I were convinced he was an alien. This not-father took us aside and said, “Yeah, I'm an alien; you're right. This is how I can prove it. Take a knife and run it through your nose and lips, and I'll keep it from hurting you.” I begged my brother not to do it — was clearly a trap — but they tricked me into sketching a knife on the wall with my finger. I didn't complete the outline of a knife, but even so, it started turning into a real knife. I begged my brother again not to do it. The alien father was at this point trying to convince him that it was normal for people to cough up knives. 

Later, in another dream, I am in a school full of terrifying children. I am older. I see a boy walk out of one of the classrooms. His nose has been cut off and his lips severely cut down. He looks at me and smiles, then takes his place at one of the desks full of children, all from different stories, all dressed for Halloween but variously evil or damaged, and some with glowing light and flowing hair. One girl I can't get out of my mind: she had long black hair, rust-colored clothes, fully black eyes, and arms full of pears in various states of softening and bruise. She came walking toward me. 

— Not an Alien, Can’t Prove It


Billy replies: One should never listen to aliens in dreams, as they nearly always mean that a journey you’ve been anticipating will turn out to be lackluster and uneventful. Family brings news of a birth or a death, but since much of this family you know to be ersatz, this implies that perhaps the births or deaths to come will be similarly false. Begging suggests that mental strain you are under will end soon, a welcome relief. Lobsters remind you not to put yourself in a position to suffer terror at the hands of a dangerous individual. This person will lead you to believe they wish to view something of yours that you value, something you are trying to sell—be very cautious not to give away what you can’t afford to lose. Knives bring the loss of someone close to you; in your dream, you are using all your artistic powers to prevent this loss. In your second dream, the school setting tells me that you hold yourself to a higher standard than most, and will eventually gain distinction by being true to yourself. Unfortunately, this school is a site of terror, and the children’s cut-up faces tell me that you have a hard winter ahead of you before you gain the distinction your ideals warrant. Thankfully, it’s Halloween, and those evil costumes actually point to the fact that you are favored for spiritual blessings, though they arrive partly damaged and in disguise. Pears tell me that you will soon be emotionally satisfied by achieving your ambition—the fact they are bruised and held by a fascinating girl leads me to believe that though you may be gently wounded by the time you see success, it will come to you wrapped in a form that is exquisite, terrifying, and the color of old blood.

Dream #5: "Nice Shades, Demon"


Dear Billy,

I woke up this morning from a very long dream in which I was out on a date with someone who worked at the record label for whom I used to intern. It’s a semi-famous country label based in Chicago, and this date was not with any employee from my tenure, but a sort of amalgamation of a couple of the employees. We were having dinner, when they explained that their most recent and most popular artist was actually a demonically reanimated corpse. The singer was using their demonic powers to become successful, and had enslaved the record label. Our dinner date turned into planning to free the record label, but we kept being interrupted by poorly disguised corpses trying to thwart us. Our waiter was a corpse, the cab driver was a corpse, and so on. We never make it to the label's headquarters, but I see the demonic artist's grinning face on posters everywhere while we travel. He is wearing sunglasses. At this point, the person I was on a date with is a cipher, and the only face I recognize is the demon’s. What does it all mean?

— Ed Blair, a trash wizard


Billy replies: The record label suggests that you must guard your tongue and actions. Speaking to the wrong demon could bring woes far greater than any dream ballad. The country music, though, implies that you need a change — go places! Ramble elsewhere! Since dinner itself suggests a brilliant future with plenty of money, perhaps you will meet someone in your travels capable of transforming your current state (remember to watch your words).

The combination of an artist and singing, too, means good news and happiness may be on their way. The dream’s demon presence may indicate that you are being pursued by someone who needs you by their side on a permanent basis. Beware! The demon and the artist could be one and the same, embodied in a person who brings about both sudden pleasure and a loss of your own ideals. Within ten days, rid yourself of everything that could result in a self-inflicted injury.  The fact the demons are corpses — dead — symbolizes an evil omen, message, or letter on its way. The presence of sunglasses suggests that you should pay attention: something suspicious is going on. Heighten your awareness and don’t let anyone tell you you’re paranoid — your dream has sent you a warning. You are not here to chew bubblegum.

Dream # 4: The Scarlet Letter

Dear Billy,

Director Törneroos warned me that Olga haunts these grounds. I enter a spa-sized sweatbox. A blonde camped on the top bench smiles down, teeth white as a birch trunk. I shut the cedar door behind me. The chrome temp gauge says it’s only 69 degrees but the joint’s heating up quick. Hot wood sure gives off a sexy aroma. I ladle water from a bucket over the stones and they hiss back. Steam cloaks me. I sprawl out on the middle bench and spread legs wrapped in a towel.

Despite seeing that woman up there, I know I’m all alone. Nobody for miles on this granite coast. I’ve got the only key to this annex, being the last resident for 2016 at a Customs House built in 1828. It was me who clicked on timers for heat and light. That blonde must be a demon. Sweet Jesus. I’m naked except for this towel. Bet she was a fox in her time because she’s not bad looking after death. I swivel my head. “Olga?” I ask. “Ja,” she answers. “Vad heter du?”

Damn. Wish I knew Swedish. Just my luck I’d get a Nordic spirit who doesn’t speak English. I watch as she slips off her towel and stretches her long legs. She waves for me to join her. The temperature gauge says 85.

I disrobe and join her. She scooches close until our thighs touch. She flips her hair over her shoulders. Her gray lips turn rouge. The tips of our tongues meet mid-air and twirl in circles. Her tongue’s icy cold. Then I remember that gauge was registering Celsius, not Fahrenheit. I try standing but wobble back down. The heat turns me groggy, like I overdid it on the stout. She hugs me hard. “Jag älskar dig,” she coos, stroking my thigh. The light clicks off. Olga giggles.

— Kirbster


Billy says: Your nakedness points to shame or disgrace from broken trust, though you are partially covered in a towel (do not leap into the unknown; a dive into the occult will end in disaster). The heat, the steam, the demon…might you be in hell?  If so, Billy recommends that you avoid temptation to avoid future torture. The demon’s blonde hair and white teeth suggest that generosity may be your downfall, and that you are too quarrelsome.  Your dead demon-lover comes alive in your arms, which makes sense, since death symbolizes news of a birth.  Your tongue dance suggests that you be more aggressive; your ability to communicate your desires will be more successful than usual.  The thermometer (which you read incorrectly) implies that you will soon associate with an individual whose skills could benefit you greatly, and they will be eager to assist you — usually Billy would advise you to use their assistance to improve your life, but since you keep misreading the temperature, perhaps go slowly; if you misread the signs, you could wind up with unhelpful “help.”

Remember the beginning of The Scarlet Letter — the red “A” is discovered in the attic of a Customs House, where you are staying in your dream. Sometimes your own feelings are the secret you keep from yourself, wedged high in the nooks and crannies of your mind. But, as you know from your dream, you’re the only one who’s really there, and it’s your own instincts that you have to rely on. Don’t let fear and shame keep you from seeing things as they really are. 

Dream #3: Once You’re Swallowed, It’s Over

Dear Billy,

I dream of a giant red and black snake in a terrarium in my parents’ yard. I take the snake’s clear shed skin to show my mom, but on the way there I look up and see a giant spiderweb beneath the roof of the carport. Trapped in the web is a cardinal, but it’s a yellow, molted, injured one. It’s being stalked by a yellow cat of the same color. The bird flies out of the web; the cat follows. The bird has a string attached to it. I pull on it to try to get it away from the cat, but it doesn’t work  the cat keeps getting ahold of it. I begin to think it might be better to let the bird die, it’s so mutilated. The cat is now a rabbit, and it swallows the bird whole. I hear a voice saying that once you’re swallowed it’s all over. The bird turns and struggles and calls in the rabbit’s throat.



Billy says: Spiderwebs are lies being spread about you. Snakes are enemies or unfaithful friends. Birds stand for success in your present undertaking. Cats are a bad-luck warning to reform. Rabbits stand for money received in a lottery. Immediate proximity to a false friend has stirred up conflicted feelings. You think perhaps this snake has shed her skin and will be trustworthy, but you are still subconsciously worried. The bird is your self-confidence and sense of self: the cardinal is already in bad shape, and you worry for its (your) survival. The rabbit points to a successful outcome, but earned in a way that goes against your sense of selfyou are afraid you can survive only by giving in to the reality enforced by said false friend. That you can still hear the voice of self-preservation (even if it’s wounded) inside the rabbit’s throat is a good sign. 

Dream #2: The Hunger Games Cult

Dear Billy,

In my dream I am not myself: I am a young boy in my early teens with dark hair. I am hiding from a cult I’ve just escaped. They go after me with long, impractical knives. They walk with me toward a barn. They’re carrying a few odd things that don’t seem practical because they told me we’re leaving. I didn’t understand that we were all meant to kill each other. I escape and run barefoot up the road until I get to a big rich house behind a gate covered in ivy.
I sneak in the house, which at first seems as if it’s empty, for sale, but then I find all these children playing on the floor of a walk-in closet. I know the cult is still looking for me, so the children and I practice hiding beneath mounds of blankets and toys. The kids don’t know that it’s serious for me — I have to be hidden the best. At some point I go out into the yard of the house and I’m seen — a man from the cult is on the roof. Then I’m in a graveyard, running, and I see a funeral happening, people with dark hair and dark clothes. I realize they are my real family, not the cult, and our mother has died. I call out to them.

Please Don’t Let Them Find Me


Billy replies: You are a teen boy and not yourself, a sign that new hopes will soon be realized. Knives stand in for lost friends or money, while barns represent the loss of goods through folly. Houses prompt you to make a change, as there’s bad luck ahead. Children bring promises of great success coming soon, while a closet means you need to guard a secret. Toys advise you to rest and play more frequently, while yards suggest a recent disagreement or fight. Mothers suggest you should reform your beliefs or actions in order to put an end to your difficulties, while death portends news of a birth. The cult is the institution where you work, and the killing game? Well, isn’t that exactly how you’re expected to treat your co-workers?  It's a cutthroat competition out there. Only to discover that in truth, these people your best family. Your subconscious is prompting you to embrace play and rest as a prelude to some large-scale mental or intellectual shift. Consider choosing to perceive competition in a new light. This change will enable you to end your troubles and realize your hopes.

Dream #1: Our Boy Who is Not Leonardo

Dear Billy,

          I dream a gold and dark field. Home. I am two sisters, an older and a younger. We have a boy we love, who looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. We search for him. We think he's dead, but then it turns out he is darkness, a green alien made of ash. He stabs us and leaves us in the field. He is all darkness now. Leaves swirl around him. A whip lashes off his head. A dark rider of his same species—but bigger—appears, wearing a Stetson.  He tells our boy he will be punished for what he's done. Our boy regenerates his dead from his neck. Dark rider reaches into our boy's mouth and pulls out a wine bottle. Reaches into his throat again and keeps digging.  Dark rider sends him away when he is done, to wander the earth.
        Our boy now has the head of a deformed cow. The dark rider sends a herd of cow people with enchanted heads—they look like people who have died—to follow him forever. Our boy says, thank you for being merciful. The dark rider says, I wasn't. He gives our boy a horrible secret name that he must tell to whomever he meets, that they will see him rightly. Dark rider says, you will never see me again.
Our boy gets to ride in a carriage. The cows and his true face must be invisible to others.
Our boy says, I have a long way to go. I will pay you well to engage you all the way. My name is _________. The ride is in darkness, seemingly uneventful. The driver begins to cry. He says, I can't do this anymore. Get out. Our boy asks why. He says, the children. All the children, they keep coming out into the road. We're hitting them, and we can't stop. We're hitting them, over and over. Can't you feel the bumps? Our boy realizes his curse. The dead follow him to die all over again, from the children on up.

—Thump Thu-whump Thump




Billy replies:  The two sisters are two sides of yourself, helpful and unhelpful. The setting, in a field, tells Billy that of late you have been indecisive: make up your mind!  Mr. DiCaprio’s presence can mean many things, depending on your feelings about Leo, but he was a teen heartthrob, so Billy’s pretty sure he’s a symbol of passion. When he turns into a green alien of ash, Billy sees fire, grief, and remorse: the growing, blooming, green parts of your life burned down to the ground. The sisters’ stabbing points to loss, of friends or money, though in this case Billy believes their death means you’ve lost clarity about what you most want in your life. Whipping, too, points to money difficulties decapitating your passions. And yet the cow-heads tell Billy that your misfortunes are nearly over and done with. Carriages mean you will soon visit friends who can help. Alas, children are our successes—Billy sees conflict, your passions running roughshod over your successes. Billy feels that you have gotten yourself into some money troubles related to your life’s work, and fears along with you that this trouble will be cyclical unless you can turn your passion into success. Harness your dead, and let them pull the carriage.