Dream #8: Window Exorcism & Tricycle Getaway

Dear Billy,

In this dream I was participating in the exorcism ritual of a young woman who in the dream was supposed to be my friend (or possibly even lover, it was not very clear). There were several people in the room. We had to pin her down to the floor near an open window, and then the exorcist’s assistants took her through an open window and passed her to people who were waiting at the window a floor below us. We were in a high rise, high above the ground, so this procedure was incredibly dangerous, but the exorcist and his helpers insisted it was necessary so that the devil would not chase her.  


Billy replies: To travel through a window indicates secretive activity—a creating of one’s own opportunities. To do this is always risky, and to do it at a height is even more so. A friend appearing in a dream means that whatever happens in the dream is an omen of reality to come. An escape from your troubles through creative means is possible. 
To see a person you don’t recognize being exorcised is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Billy recommends buying yourself a present and staying away from people whose behavior you abhor. To see helpers means that you must resolve your issues with an authority figure, and move on with your life. To dream of the devil’s presence is a warning to change your path—any bad outcomes you see in the dream will come to pass if you do not take steps to prevent them. To see wrestling is a similar warning—you have to grapple with yourself to stop what you fear from taking place. Billy sees the signs converging to one singular message: though the heights are great, the risks of staying put are greater. It is your turn to go out the window now. 

Dear Billy,

In this dream I am with somebody who is a friend, but it is nobody I know in real life. It starts with us just having killed a person accidentally (the dream started after the accident, so I don’t know what we did exactly) and we are thinking about the ways to cover it up. We decide to go somewhere else for cover, so we go down a very steep hill on a low children’s tricycle. The ride feels both dangerous and exhilarating. Then, we are in the kitchen making food (normal food, although we are still searching for ways to cover up the murder). It is not our kitchen, and we are trying to finish cooking before the owners come home. They appear too early, before we are done. I start packing food and throw a huge batch of mashed potatoes into a trashcan. The mash is too liquidy and gloopy, so I don’t feel sad about wasting food. Then we start talking with my accomplice friend about whether we should kill these people because they are witnesses, but decide not to kill them. After that I woke up with my heart beating like crazy.  


Billy replies: To dream of killing means that you will soon have an appointed position that gives you money and power. To dream of an accident indicates that you will soon have many admirers. That you cannot remember how this unintentional murder took place indicates that you have no idea how such positive events might come to pass. Billy says that to dream of running away and not getting caught shows us that what once seemed impossible is now possible. To go downhill means that you may soon have to deal with a terrible person who will try to twist your words and manipulate you, but afterward you will enter into a very lucky time. Tricycles are also an omen of good luck and opportunities for income. To dream of a kitchen indicates that you will soon be thanked for helping someone in their time of need; to dream of cooking means you will be congratulated on a victory in the near future. To dream of something mashed indicates that legal proceedings will work out in your favor, and potatoes encourage you to consider different ways of promoting yourself. Trashcans are images of people who play games with our hearts that we should discard and move on from. Billy says that trashcans are reminders to stay true to our real emotional desires. To be discovered—as you and your friend may soon be in this dream—indicates that someone in power will do something for your benefit very soon. Though this dream may have scared you, Billy sees much cause for joy. While you have to deal with some unkind human beings in this life, all is not lost. Trust that exhilarating, dangerous feeling you had on the tricycle. Good things are waiting for you, just at the bottom of this hill.