Dream #5: "Nice Shades, Demon"


Dear Billy,

I woke up this morning from a very long dream in which I was out on a date with someone who worked at the record label for whom I used to intern. It’s a semi-famous country label based in Chicago, and this date was not with any employee from my tenure, but a sort of amalgamation of a couple of the employees. We were having dinner, when they explained that their most recent and most popular artist was actually a demonically reanimated corpse. The singer was using their demonic powers to become successful, and had enslaved the record label. Our dinner date turned into planning to free the record label, but we kept being interrupted by poorly disguised corpses trying to thwart us. Our waiter was a corpse, the cab driver was a corpse, and so on. We never make it to the label's headquarters, but I see the demonic artist's grinning face on posters everywhere while we travel. He is wearing sunglasses. At this point, the person I was on a date with is a cipher, and the only face I recognize is the demon’s. What does it all mean?

— Ed Blair, a trash wizard


Billy replies: The record label suggests that you must guard your tongue and actions. Speaking to the wrong demon could bring woes far greater than any dream ballad. The country music, though, implies that you need a change — go places! Ramble elsewhere! Since dinner itself suggests a brilliant future with plenty of money, perhaps you will meet someone in your travels capable of transforming your current state (remember to watch your words).

The combination of an artist and singing, too, means good news and happiness may be on their way. The dream’s demon presence may indicate that you are being pursued by someone who needs you by their side on a permanent basis. Beware! The demon and the artist could be one and the same, embodied in a person who brings about both sudden pleasure and a loss of your own ideals. Within ten days, rid yourself of everything that could result in a self-inflicted injury.  The fact the demons are corpses — dead — symbolizes an evil omen, message, or letter on its way. The presence of sunglasses suggests that you should pay attention: something suspicious is going on. Heighten your awareness and don’t let anyone tell you you’re paranoid — your dream has sent you a warning. You are not here to chew bubblegum.