Found Poems #1: Der Lange Verborgene Freund, by John George Hoffman [1820]

A Precaution against Injuries

Whoever carries the right eye of a wolf fastened inside of his right sleeve, remains free from all injuries. 

Stinging Nettles — Good for Banishing Fears and Fancies, and to Cause Fish to Collect

Whenever you hold this weed in your hand together with Millifolia, you are safe from all fears and fancies that frequently deceive men. If you mix it with a decoction of the hemlock, and rub your hands with it, and put the rest in water that contains fish, you will find the fish to collect around your hands. Whenever you pull your hands out of the water, the fish disappear by returning to their former places.

A Good Remedy for Consumption

Consumption, I order thee out of the bones into the flesh, out of the flesh upon the skin, out of the skin into the wilds of the forest.