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Shirley Jackson, witches, the uncanny, the fantastic, magical realism, hybrid genres, coyote-wolf hybrids, Emily Dickinson, Bloody Mary, outsider art, comics, “juvenile” art, horror, changeling babies, folklore, folk horror, experimental forms, dystopia, feminism, okay maybe a really good vampire, Party City, drag, gender-bending, irreverence, erasure, hallucination, disease, mental illness, baroque everything, sirens, basic monsters, murther, empty mansions, evil queens, Miss Havisham, Amelia Gray, Laura Jensen, Thylias Moss, Goya’s black paintings, Sedmikrasky, Švankmejer, David Bowie music videos, tarot, the occult, okay maybe interesting aliens, ghost stories, the diaries of Gerard Manley Hopkins, nocturnal life, doubt, the gothic, insomnia, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Virginia Woolf, glitches in the matrix, Jabberwocky, spinsters, surrealism, absurd humor, Spiritualism, mediumship, ouija, automatic writing, Bloody Mary, demonology, superstition, curses, spells, Emily Brontë, migraine auras, poisonous plants, famous poisoners, black widows, Marjorie Cameron, Vali Myers, medical illustration, Diane Arbus, dramatic monologue, persona, Persona, Edward Gorey, B-Horror, Sally Mann, Beautiful Darkness, Adelia Prado, the Donner Party, Lizzie Borden, Upright Bipedal Canines, wendigos, hermits, eccentrics, Vivienne Westwood, British murder mysteries, The Orange Eats Creeps, Appalachian granny witches, world witchcraft traditions: voudon, Santería, paganism, shamanism, rootwork; camp, goats, turkey vultures of Iowa, The Rats of NIMH, dark hooded figures, yokai, opossums, rabbit feet, opera, Hieronymous Bosch, Leonora Carrington, Oulipo, Bloody Mary, charms, ruins, Angela Carter, Lynda Barry, Nnedi Okorafor, Bluebeard retellings, the Cyborg Manifesto, bestiaries, cryptids, Alexander McQueen, Kate Bush, David Lynch, Can Xue, Afrofuturism, dollhouse miniatures, body horror, interstitial art, unreliable narrators, speculative fiction, queerness, the grotesque, mall goth realism, witch gardens, Philip Pullman, doomsday cults, black velvet painting, Yayoi Kusama, Princess Langwidere, medical cannibalism, Sylvia Plath, Death Valley walking rocks, familiars, gastropods, cephalopods, Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, John Berryman, night terrors, sleep paralysis, the art of translation, Björk, standing creepily right behind you, disproportion, Lumpy Space Princess, eschatology, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Giallo horror, altered states, Hayao Miyazaki, Federico Fellini, Clarice Lispector, Francesca Lia Block, murder houses, flamingos and hedgehogs, murder ballads, trypophobia, Maya Deren, Luis Buñuel, final girls, Kemeticism, exorcism, Sofia Coppola, the Fiji Mermaid, Strega Nona, Baba Yaga, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, kwaidan, kitsune, chimeras, martyrs, Lucas Cranach, failing the Voight-Kampff test,  Fantastic Planet, Yma Sumac, Roald Dahl, Tilda Swinton, The Wicked + the Divine, wandering on the moors, taxidermy, excess.

If you see yourself in this mirror, we want you.  If you do not, seek the answers elsewhere.  



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—your fiction, poetry, and nonfiction [please include the category in which you are submitting in the subject line: FICTION, NONFICTION, or POETRY].  Please send no more than 6 poems, up to 10 pages of poetry; for fiction and nonfiction, please send up to 6,500 words. For longer works, please query first. We may also consider your poetry and short prose for inclusion in the SPELL category.

—spells that read like poems and/or found poetry made from spellcasting language [please include SPELL in the subject line and include a high-quality image file for found work]

—séances: authors and artists in conversation with their dead influences [please include SÉANCE in the subject line]

—your dreams, for Billy to interpret [please include DEAR BILLY in the subject line]

—fan letters to dead writers & artists [please include DEAD LETTER in the subject line]

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